The Empire's Might

Mid Rim Infiltration

After making your way from the Blackwing to the Hoth System, you we’re informed of several Mid Rim systems that have been in contact with the rebellion by General Jan Dodona. Each of these systems were in talks offering aid or supplies covertly to the fledgling rebellion, however one by one they have all gone silent, with ISB propaganda holo-vids released shortly after, presented by Emily Nolan. The first of these systems you have been asked to investigate is Rrulinn. A world ravaged by a genocidal campaign, in the process of being rebuilt.
As you make your way there you are ambushed by a small Black Sun fleet. You fend off a squadron of Z-95’s while taking some damage before an Imperial Victory Class Star Destroyer turns up, narrowly missing your ship as it emerges from Hyperspace, opening fire on the Black Sun pirates, destroying a Gozanti Cruiser. As it offers assistance you flee to Rrulinn, where you land and make arrangements for repairs of your ship and transport to the settlement described by Jan Dodona.
The settlement is a farming and scavenging settlement who were offering supplies to the rebellion, but we’re silenced by the Empire and made an example of. Nothing now remains except a burnt husk of a town. As you explore the settlement an Imperial patrol arrives to investigate the disturbance, landing a squad of stormtroopers, which you fail to sneak past. Launching an attack you overwhelm the troopers just as a Dark Trooper lands, critically wounding some of the party before you can take it down. The dark trooper is a new threat and unheard of in the rebellion, however in taking it down you were able to learn that it is more droid than sentient, but after the disruptor blast that finished it off there was not much more you could learn. Nolan slew the imperial patrol craft pilot and destroyed the ship, leaving no witnesses to the small firefight, allowing the rebel cell to escape back to the spaceport undetected, but needing to lay low while their craft is repaired…

Blackwing IV

Leaving for the Hoth system the rebel cell intercepted a distress beacon from an unknown crew member of the Dauntless, YT-2400 frigate. The crew of the newly acquired citadel class cruiser emerged to find the dauntless docked to an Imperial Light Cruiser, old Arquitens class. Hails attempts were not responded and both ships were quiet.

After docking with the Dauntless the rebel cell explored the ship to find that the docking hatch was forced and boarded by stormtroopers. A stray shot destroyed the camera before any more information could be gained. As the party left the ship, the Jedi Shadow Mission Vao stumbled upon a smuggling hatch that held the rebel crew man who sent the ditsress call. The sullustan had remained hidden for at least a day and took a chance with the rebel cell. He joined them as the party explored the Imperial Light Cruiser. Nolan headed towards the brig, in search of his daughter Emily Nolan. Simon, Tedlinka and Mission Vao headed towards the maintenace bay, eager to learn about the ship and what had befallen it, while Yl-Merulnanar (Nar) searched the crew’s quarters. Shorty after boarding, a ship wide self destruct message was heard across the comm system. Each of the rebels were attacked by what appeared to by bloodied stormtroopers, that moved considerably slower and with much less grace than those stormtroopers usually encountered. Nar was bitten on te leg by such a creature before he was able to overcome it.

After regrouping the party headed towards the bridge where they encountered a full squad of stormtroopers and the commander of the ship, Emily Nolan, who had taken command after the captain was seen being dragged away by the infected stormtroopers. With a count of less than one hour remaining the rebels and surviving imperial crew broker a truce to escape via a docked shuttle on the ventral docking bay, noticing that the sullustan had dissapeared. Fighting their way through the infected, the rebels found themselves at the mercy of a mysterious Imperial Inquisitor, known as Eleventh Sister, trapped by the ISB Agent Nolan as the next test subjects for the inquisitors Sith Alchemy. Before a fight could break out the Inquisitor unleashed the remains of the crew of the Dauntless, as mindless cannabalistic killing machines, including the once proud smuggler Caileta Truong, who met her end at the point of a blaster, provided by Nolan. After unleashing a devastating force lightning on Mission Vao, Tedlinka was able to deal a crippling blow on the Inquisitor, opening tremendous wound, but not before the infected rebels could infect Nolan with a viscious bite to the arm. A powerful telekinetic blast from the dark side user sent the rebel party reeling as the undead were felled by grenade and blaster fire, allowing the Imperials enough time to escape.

As the rebels came too, the count for self destruct had reduced to mere minutes. Coming to their senses they each noticed a small pinprick mark in their arms. After a short search of the area the rebels were able to recover several force imbued crystals that were being used as the fuel for the Eleventh Sisters research, datapads regarding her research and the mission of the Blackwing fleet. Fleeing back to their ship they reached the airlock to find the Dauntless missing and the Citadel Cruiser adrift, not far way. Donning space suits, Nolan and Mission were able to reach the ship and dock it, in time for the rest of the party to board before the Arquitens cruiser exploded.

The datapads recovered led to a secret stash in an isolated satellite, belonging to the Inquisitor, where the rebels were able to recover armour and supplies, and even a medical droid who was able to replace Nolan’s self amputed arm after a cure for the infection could not be found.

The rebels continued onto Hoth, wary of this new threat and bearing grave news of the loss of a helpful ally to the rebellion….

Beyond the Rim

A short rendezvous at the Wheel station become something of a mission for an old ally of one of the party members. New allies joined the group in the shape of a helpful mechanic who turned out to a be an excellent pilot and former member of a rebel fighter squadron, and a mysterious jedi, cloaked in shadows. The team took on a mission to recover lost riches from the clone war era, rumoured to be aboard an old banking clan frigate crashed in the outer rim. The team took on the mission, finding the old ship, encountering rival scavenging crews along the way. Decsending to the planet they found survivors of the old frigate and fending off an imperial attack before re-uniting the aging crew with their clan. Rich beyond their wildest dreams the rebel cell returned to The Wheel station, acquiring themselves a new ship and equipment before they continue to the Hoth system to rendezvous with the larger rebellion.

Mygeeto Lost

As the Empire tightens it’s grip on the outlying systems in the wake of the destruction of the First Death Star, word reaches the Rebel cells stationed on Mygeeto that the blockade is almost on their doorstep. With orders to pack up all light equipment and rendevous at the Hoth system the Rebel Cell in Pastage have decided to delay their leaving and head for the co-ordinates recieved from an anonymous messenger. The co-ordinates lead to a hidden ice shelf just outside the Imperial Palace.

The mysterious messenger turned out to be Kiera Spero, with an offer. The Empire that he serves is nothing like the Old Republic that inspired him to join the military. He sees now that the Empire breeds corruption and greed, and while he has done his best to stamp it out the Rebel activity in the system has drawn too much attention from the Enmpires leaders. Emily Nolan and Herin Muro were just the start. Word has reached him that Lord Vader himself is on the way to crush resistance in the system. Why the Emperor has such a vested interest in Mygeeto he can’t say, suffice to say it’s best the rebels leave. He gave you the launch codes to an old CR90 corvette and directions to the hangar bay, as well as the best route to avoid patrols.

On your way you discover what appears to be a trophy room, full of Clone Wars Relics including suits of armour, old weapons (one of which , a DC15 blaster rifle, was “liberated” by Nolan) and the remains of an old lightsaber, the crystal absent. The lightsaber is broken and charred in places. After the Rebels enter the hangar they are greeted by Muro, flanked either side by red robed Royal Guards with Governor Spero in binders. After an intense combat which left Muro and the Guards dead or unconcious, the rebels escape Mygeeto with Spero in tow, only to run into the front runners of the Imperial Blockade. After taking serious damage from TIE fighter patrols the rebels narrowly escape after a timely intervention from Caileta Truong aboard the Dauntless. Too damaged to make their rendezvous at Hoth, the crew of the Jub Chug (Simon Says) dock at the Wheel Station to repair and take stock of their current situation.

Pastage Droid Rebellion Part 2

As you emerge from the ice mines of Mygeeto, the shattered remains of Load Lifters behind you and Agent Nolan of the ISB in tow, the scene before you looks like the Mygeeto of 20 years earlier, except instead of Clones and Battle Droids you emerge into a firefight between several squads of stormtoopers and a rag tag battalion of droids. Amongst them, stood as believing he is invincible is Toor, screaming about droid rights and Death to the Sentient.
Whilst you are all members of the rebellion, most of you aren’t hardened soldiers, the last time you took part in a large battle you were in a well defended position and prepared. The sight of open warfare so close threatens to overwhelm you, the sight too much to bear for Spike, giving Agent Nolan her chance, she takes Spikes Lightsaber and runs for the Imperial Lines, calling the attention of several nearby Stormtroopers. Worse still, you recognise the distinctive blue markings of one of the Stormtroopers not too far away…

As the battle rages around you, blaster fire ricocheting nearby and explosions either side as the droid rebellion and stormtrooper battalions clash, Spike is able to use the force to reclaim her lightsaber from a startled Agent Nolan, however igniting the weapon draws the attention of ISB agent Herin Muro. As he makes his way towards the rebel cell you re able to fend off several attacks from both stormtroopers and droids while Nolan is able to subdue his daughter. As you fend off waves of troops Muro joins the fray, causing grievous wounds to Yl-Merulnanar (Nar). Realising you’ve all been caught up in a fruitless battle you call in an evac from Caileta Truong, who arrives just in time to aid your escape. As the Dauntless escapes the melee you catch a brief glimpse of Toor, leading his rebellion from the front, a thrown grenade arcing through the air towards him before the hull of the ship blocks your view.

Caileta informs you all that while you’ve been indisposed you’ve recieved a mysterious message from an anonymous source, with map co-ordinates indicating a point near the Imperial Palace in Pastage and a time stamp one standard day away…

Pastage Droid Rebellion

After eluding a Gozanti Cruiser on the outskirts of the asteroid field surrounding Mygeeto, the rebels find themselves back at Whisper Base where a call for aid is waiting for them from Toor. Asking for aid to free his fellow droid workers who have been conscripted into the ice mines after the sanctioned Imperial Workforce were mercilessly routed. He explains that he was picked up after you freed him and sent to work in the worst conditions imaginable, with droids dropping left right and center. He gives you coordinates to meet outside the mine where you wait in the cold. You are left waiting for several hours before you are ambushed, knocked out with stun grenades. Shortly after you each awake to find yourself in a prison cell along with several Imperial Stormtroopers and a young officer who Nolan instantly recognises as his daughter Emily Nolan. Toor returns and explains that he intends to lead a droid rebellion, starting with the droids from Mygeeto. You are to be ransomed off in exchange for droids in the service of the Empire and the rebellion. Toor leaves, posting guards on the door. Simon the Ewok investigates the stormtroopers, each has been shot in the back, while Officer Nolan treats you with disdain.
Fortunatley the droids did not take you for an intelligent species and locked you in a cell with a keypad on the inside. After a couple of attempts the rebels are able to overcome the Ray Shield and escape the cell, with ISB Agent Nolan in tow. You overcome the droid guards and make your way to the mines exit where you are assaulted by two load lifter droids. With some concentrated firepower and a vibro-ax wielded by a grumpy wookie you overcome the droids and make your way out of the crystal mines into the mine works proper. What you walk into could only be described as chaos….

Black Sun Asteroid Base Rescue

After Gaav Fennro is able to decipher more of the garbled transmission the rebels who made it back to Whisper Base (Nolan, Twitch, Simon and Tedlinka) decided that their friends life was more important than laying low, despite the increased Imperial presence in the area. Using their contacts in Pastage market they were able to learn from Inyri Task that there is a Black Sun base in the asteroid belt surrounding Mygeeto. Inyri had recently been double crossed in a deal with the black sun and was more than happy to disclose what she knew. She also divulged that her shipments weren’t getting through due to increased Imperial patrols. something a bigger black sun operation wouldn’t be worried about.
With this information the rebels took to their informant Latia Polo at the The Crystal Cavern Cantina. The Sullustan has benefited recently from the increase in Imperial Personnel. With more officers and troops enetring the system the flow of credits and information has increased substantially. Latia was able to inform the rebels of shift times and when those that looked like pilots arrived in the bar. Using this information the rebels were able to figure out a broad window in which they would be able to avoid any patrols while getting to the pirate base.

Once arrived at the pirate base, some expert flying by Simon ensured that their stolen Imperial Shuttle arrived in one piece. The ewok was even able to find a disguised hangar bay on the asteroids surface. Once landed they were greeted by a group of pirates pulling a hover sled. It appears that they were expecting an Imperial Shuttle, but when they realise that the rebels were not imperial personnel a fight broke out with one of the pirates raising the alarm, however the rebels were skillful enough to convince the pirates in the control room that alarm was raised in error. After sneaking their way through the base they discovered the prison cells, with more than just Caileta incarcerated, they overheard that the prisoners were all rebels captured by the black sun waiting to be sold to the empire for the open bounties. The rebels were able to create enough of a distraction that only one guard was left. Easily subdued they used his code cylinder to free the prisoners and headed straight for the Dauntless, Caileta’s YT-2400 transport. Before they could get very far though the pirates realised what was happening and switched off the artificial gravity in the base making swift escape difficult for the intruders and escapees.
Unsure of which hangar the Dauntless was in they rebels first investigated a hangar full of T-47 airspeeders and nothing else. The third and final hangar contained the Dauntless and a pirate trap! Waiting for the escaping rebels was the pirate captain in charge of the operation and some of her remaining guards. Tedlinka used the zero-g to her benefit and launched headlong into the pirates, sweeping through them with her vibro-ax on her way to the captain while the rebels opened fire on the rest of the guards. Simon took a solid hit which nearly killed the plucky Ewok, while Tedlinka took a beating from the captain suffering multiple critical injuries, while dealing them back in turn. The brief struggle ended when Twitch and Nolan opened fire on the captain, saving Tedlinka. The Rebels and the escaped prisoners boarded the Dauntless and headed straight for Mygeeto, wary of Black Sun pursuit and Imperial Patrols….

Distress Signal Deciphered

It’s taken some time, but Gaav Fennro has been able to repair some of the burst transmission received earlier. It appears that Caileta Truong has been kidnapped by pirates of the Black Sun. It appears they don’t take too kindly to smuggling operations operating under their noses, other than their own of course. Gaav has been unable to decipher the part of the message which will tell you where they’ve taken Caileta, but you have a lead in the Black Sun. Perhaps there are some people in the Market who can help….

Distress Signal

Burst Transmission:

Mayday, this is Caileta Truong of the Dauntl……. – This section of the message is corrupted – ……… nder attack fr……. – This section of the message is corrupted – ……… My sublight has……. – This section of the message is corrupted – ……… disabled. Pirate markings look like ……. – This section of the message is corrupted – ……… co-ordinates are ……. – This section of the message is corrupted – ………

Message Ends

Holonet Dispatch – Imperial Law Enforcement Report

Not for Public Release

Officer on Duty: Captain Elara Morlev
Date: 0.5 ABY (approx.)
Jurisdiction: Pastage
Incident: Terrorist Attack at AT-ST factory
Reporting Officer: Captain Elara Morlev
Number of Detainees: 1
Detainee Ident: 0018956-164
Detainee Species: Mon Calamari, male
Detainee Distinguishing Features: Unusual for his species this mon calamari was detained with a lit cigar.

After a protracted chase through the streets of Pastage one of the suspects seen outside the AT-ST factory was captured and detained when a squad of troopers fired stun rounds at the target after setting up an impromptu ambush. Several troopers were injured and several more killed during the chase as the suspect attempted to evade our forces, although it should be noted that due to the bravery and training of our officers there was minimal collateral damage and the area had been evacuated by our officers as soon as the first explosion registered. We believe there are others working with the suspect, although he denies any other individuals involvement in the terrorist attack. It should also be noted that the suspect was caught carrying a T-21 Light Repeating Blaster that was part of a shipment that went missing over a standard year ago. It was reported that the supply ship was ambushed by pirates as they entered the system. It is unclear what involvement this individual has with the pirates, he may be part of the group or may have simply acquired the weapon through the Hutt Cartels. We do not believe however that the suspect is part of a pirate gang, as pirates would not normally destroy an Imperial Factory. They are more likely to raid and steal any equipment they can. This individuals operation seems more in line with similar terrorist attacks reported across the system, targeting specifically imperial facilities.

The individual is currently being held in custody, however we have been issued orders to ready him for transfer to the recently arrived ISB Agent Muro.

Personal Notes (locked to user)
I believe that the individual is operating as part of an organised cell of rebel sympathisers. Multiple attacks against Imperial Targets at the same time across the system is too much of a coincidence to be general unrest, although our superiors deny any knowledge of rebels in the area. Witness reports state of multiple sentients leaving the building before it exploded, however vid logs of the area are sketchy at best. Witnesses report possible Wookie, Togruta and Ithorian involvement, which warrants further investigation.

Agent Muro seems to be a capable man, although his methods are aggressive he has gotten results already. Rumour has it that he tracked down a group of rebels responsible for a failed assault on the northern base, although no prisoners have been logged there are several troopers with unexplained injuries in the medical facility, who are simply stating they were involved in a classified operation under Agent Muro’s orders.


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