The Empire's Might

Beyond the Rim

A short rendezvous at the Wheel station become something of a mission for an old ally of one of the party members. New allies joined the group in the shape of a helpful mechanic who turned out to a be an excellent pilot and former member of a rebel fighter squadron, and a mysterious jedi, cloaked in shadows. The team took on a mission to recover lost riches from the clone war era, rumoured to be aboard an old banking clan frigate crashed in the outer rim. The team took on the mission, finding the old ship, encountering rival scavenging crews along the way. Decsending to the planet they found survivors of the old frigate and fending off an imperial attack before re-uniting the aging crew with their clan. Rich beyond their wildest dreams the rebel cell returned to The Wheel station, acquiring themselves a new ship and equipment before they continue to the Hoth system to rendezvous with the larger rebellion.


dave_blenkley dave_blenkley

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