The Empire's Might

Black Sun Asteroid Base Rescue

After Gaav Fennro is able to decipher more of the garbled transmission the rebels who made it back to Whisper Base (Nolan, Twitch, Simon and Tedlinka) decided that their friends life was more important than laying low, despite the increased Imperial presence in the area. Using their contacts in Pastage market they were able to learn from Inyri Task that there is a Black Sun base in the asteroid belt surrounding Mygeeto. Inyri had recently been double crossed in a deal with the black sun and was more than happy to disclose what she knew. She also divulged that her shipments weren’t getting through due to increased Imperial patrols. something a bigger black sun operation wouldn’t be worried about.
With this information the rebels took to their informant Latia Polo at the The Crystal Cavern Cantina. The Sullustan has benefited recently from the increase in Imperial Personnel. With more officers and troops enetring the system the flow of credits and information has increased substantially. Latia was able to inform the rebels of shift times and when those that looked like pilots arrived in the bar. Using this information the rebels were able to figure out a broad window in which they would be able to avoid any patrols while getting to the pirate base.

Once arrived at the pirate base, some expert flying by Simon ensured that their stolen Imperial Shuttle arrived in one piece. The ewok was even able to find a disguised hangar bay on the asteroids surface. Once landed they were greeted by a group of pirates pulling a hover sled. It appears that they were expecting an Imperial Shuttle, but when they realise that the rebels were not imperial personnel a fight broke out with one of the pirates raising the alarm, however the rebels were skillful enough to convince the pirates in the control room that alarm was raised in error. After sneaking their way through the base they discovered the prison cells, with more than just Caileta incarcerated, they overheard that the prisoners were all rebels captured by the black sun waiting to be sold to the empire for the open bounties. The rebels were able to create enough of a distraction that only one guard was left. Easily subdued they used his code cylinder to free the prisoners and headed straight for the Dauntless, Caileta’s YT-2400 transport. Before they could get very far though the pirates realised what was happening and switched off the artificial gravity in the base making swift escape difficult for the intruders and escapees.
Unsure of which hangar the Dauntless was in they rebels first investigated a hangar full of T-47 airspeeders and nothing else. The third and final hangar contained the Dauntless and a pirate trap! Waiting for the escaping rebels was the pirate captain in charge of the operation and some of her remaining guards. Tedlinka used the zero-g to her benefit and launched headlong into the pirates, sweeping through them with her vibro-ax on her way to the captain while the rebels opened fire on the rest of the guards. Simon took a solid hit which nearly killed the plucky Ewok, while Tedlinka took a beating from the captain suffering multiple critical injuries, while dealing them back in turn. The brief struggle ended when Twitch and Nolan opened fire on the captain, saving Tedlinka. The Rebels and the escaped prisoners boarded the Dauntless and headed straight for Mygeeto, wary of Black Sun pursuit and Imperial Patrols….


dave_blenkley dave_blenkley

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