The Empire's Might

Blackwing IV

Leaving for the Hoth system the rebel cell intercepted a distress beacon from an unknown crew member of the Dauntless, YT-2400 frigate. The crew of the newly acquired citadel class cruiser emerged to find the dauntless docked to an Imperial Light Cruiser, old Arquitens class. Hails attempts were not responded and both ships were quiet.

After docking with the Dauntless the rebel cell explored the ship to find that the docking hatch was forced and boarded by stormtroopers. A stray shot destroyed the camera before any more information could be gained. As the party left the ship, the Jedi Shadow Mission Vao stumbled upon a smuggling hatch that held the rebel crew man who sent the ditsress call. The sullustan had remained hidden for at least a day and took a chance with the rebel cell. He joined them as the party explored the Imperial Light Cruiser. Nolan headed towards the brig, in search of his daughter Emily Nolan. Simon, Tedlinka and Mission Vao headed towards the maintenace bay, eager to learn about the ship and what had befallen it, while Yl-Merulnanar (Nar) searched the crew’s quarters. Shorty after boarding, a ship wide self destruct message was heard across the comm system. Each of the rebels were attacked by what appeared to by bloodied stormtroopers, that moved considerably slower and with much less grace than those stormtroopers usually encountered. Nar was bitten on te leg by such a creature before he was able to overcome it.

After regrouping the party headed towards the bridge where they encountered a full squad of stormtroopers and the commander of the ship, Emily Nolan, who had taken command after the captain was seen being dragged away by the infected stormtroopers. With a count of less than one hour remaining the rebels and surviving imperial crew broker a truce to escape via a docked shuttle on the ventral docking bay, noticing that the sullustan had dissapeared. Fighting their way through the infected, the rebels found themselves at the mercy of a mysterious Imperial Inquisitor, known as Eleventh Sister, trapped by the ISB Agent Nolan as the next test subjects for the inquisitors Sith Alchemy. Before a fight could break out the Inquisitor unleashed the remains of the crew of the Dauntless, as mindless cannabalistic killing machines, including the once proud smuggler Caileta Truong, who met her end at the point of a blaster, provided by Nolan. After unleashing a devastating force lightning on Mission Vao, Tedlinka was able to deal a crippling blow on the Inquisitor, opening tremendous wound, but not before the infected rebels could infect Nolan with a viscious bite to the arm. A powerful telekinetic blast from the dark side user sent the rebel party reeling as the undead were felled by grenade and blaster fire, allowing the Imperials enough time to escape.

As the rebels came too, the count for self destruct had reduced to mere minutes. Coming to their senses they each noticed a small pinprick mark in their arms. After a short search of the area the rebels were able to recover several force imbued crystals that were being used as the fuel for the Eleventh Sisters research, datapads regarding her research and the mission of the Blackwing fleet. Fleeing back to their ship they reached the airlock to find the Dauntless missing and the Citadel Cruiser adrift, not far way. Donning space suits, Nolan and Mission were able to reach the ship and dock it, in time for the rest of the party to board before the Arquitens cruiser exploded.

The datapads recovered led to a secret stash in an isolated satellite, belonging to the Inquisitor, where the rebels were able to recover armour and supplies, and even a medical droid who was able to replace Nolan’s self amputed arm after a cure for the infection could not be found.

The rebels continued onto Hoth, wary of this new threat and bearing grave news of the loss of a helpful ally to the rebellion….


dave_blenkley dave_blenkley

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