The Empire's Might

Holonet Dispatch – Imperial Law Enforcement Report

Not for Public Release

Officer on Duty: Captain Elara Morlev
Date: 0.5 ABY (approx.)
Jurisdiction: Pastage
Incident: Terrorist Attack at AT-ST factory
Reporting Officer: Captain Elara Morlev
Number of Detainees: 1
Detainee Ident: 0018956-164
Detainee Species: Mon Calamari, male
Detainee Distinguishing Features: Unusual for his species this mon calamari was detained with a lit cigar.

After a protracted chase through the streets of Pastage one of the suspects seen outside the AT-ST factory was captured and detained when a squad of troopers fired stun rounds at the target after setting up an impromptu ambush. Several troopers were injured and several more killed during the chase as the suspect attempted to evade our forces, although it should be noted that due to the bravery and training of our officers there was minimal collateral damage and the area had been evacuated by our officers as soon as the first explosion registered. We believe there are others working with the suspect, although he denies any other individuals involvement in the terrorist attack. It should also be noted that the suspect was caught carrying a T-21 Light Repeating Blaster that was part of a shipment that went missing over a standard year ago. It was reported that the supply ship was ambushed by pirates as they entered the system. It is unclear what involvement this individual has with the pirates, he may be part of the group or may have simply acquired the weapon through the Hutt Cartels. We do not believe however that the suspect is part of a pirate gang, as pirates would not normally destroy an Imperial Factory. They are more likely to raid and steal any equipment they can. This individuals operation seems more in line with similar terrorist attacks reported across the system, targeting specifically imperial facilities.

The individual is currently being held in custody, however we have been issued orders to ready him for transfer to the recently arrived ISB Agent Muro.

Personal Notes (locked to user)
I believe that the individual is operating as part of an organised cell of rebel sympathisers. Multiple attacks against Imperial Targets at the same time across the system is too much of a coincidence to be general unrest, although our superiors deny any knowledge of rebels in the area. Witness reports state of multiple sentients leaving the building before it exploded, however vid logs of the area are sketchy at best. Witnesses report possible Wookie, Togruta and Ithorian involvement, which warrants further investigation.

Agent Muro seems to be a capable man, although his methods are aggressive he has gotten results already. Rumour has it that he tracked down a group of rebels responsible for a failed assault on the northern base, although no prisoners have been logged there are several troopers with unexplained injuries in the medical facility, who are simply stating they were involved in a classified operation under Agent Muro’s orders.


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