The Empire's Might

Mygeeto Lost

As the Empire tightens it’s grip on the outlying systems in the wake of the destruction of the First Death Star, word reaches the Rebel cells stationed on Mygeeto that the blockade is almost on their doorstep. With orders to pack up all light equipment and rendevous at the Hoth system the Rebel Cell in Pastage have decided to delay their leaving and head for the co-ordinates recieved from an anonymous messenger. The co-ordinates lead to a hidden ice shelf just outside the Imperial Palace.

The mysterious messenger turned out to be Kiera Spero, with an offer. The Empire that he serves is nothing like the Old Republic that inspired him to join the military. He sees now that the Empire breeds corruption and greed, and while he has done his best to stamp it out the Rebel activity in the system has drawn too much attention from the Enmpires leaders. Emily Nolan and Herin Muro were just the start. Word has reached him that Lord Vader himself is on the way to crush resistance in the system. Why the Emperor has such a vested interest in Mygeeto he can’t say, suffice to say it’s best the rebels leave. He gave you the launch codes to an old CR90 corvette and directions to the hangar bay, as well as the best route to avoid patrols.

On your way you discover what appears to be a trophy room, full of Clone Wars Relics including suits of armour, old weapons (one of which , a DC15 blaster rifle, was “liberated” by Nolan) and the remains of an old lightsaber, the crystal absent. The lightsaber is broken and charred in places. After the Rebels enter the hangar they are greeted by Muro, flanked either side by red robed Royal Guards with Governor Spero in binders. After an intense combat which left Muro and the Guards dead or unconcious, the rebels escape Mygeeto with Spero in tow, only to run into the front runners of the Imperial Blockade. After taking serious damage from TIE fighter patrols the rebels narrowly escape after a timely intervention from Caileta Truong aboard the Dauntless. Too damaged to make their rendezvous at Hoth, the crew of the Jub Chug (Simon Says) dock at the Wheel Station to repair and take stock of their current situation.


dave_blenkley dave_blenkley

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