The Empire's Might

Pastage Droid Rebellion

After eluding a Gozanti Cruiser on the outskirts of the asteroid field surrounding Mygeeto, the rebels find themselves back at Whisper Base where a call for aid is waiting for them from Toor. Asking for aid to free his fellow droid workers who have been conscripted into the ice mines after the sanctioned Imperial Workforce were mercilessly routed. He explains that he was picked up after you freed him and sent to work in the worst conditions imaginable, with droids dropping left right and center. He gives you coordinates to meet outside the mine where you wait in the cold. You are left waiting for several hours before you are ambushed, knocked out with stun grenades. Shortly after you each awake to find yourself in a prison cell along with several Imperial Stormtroopers and a young officer who Nolan instantly recognises as his daughter Emily Nolan. Toor returns and explains that he intends to lead a droid rebellion, starting with the droids from Mygeeto. You are to be ransomed off in exchange for droids in the service of the Empire and the rebellion. Toor leaves, posting guards on the door. Simon the Ewok investigates the stormtroopers, each has been shot in the back, while Officer Nolan treats you with disdain.
Fortunatley the droids did not take you for an intelligent species and locked you in a cell with a keypad on the inside. After a couple of attempts the rebels are able to overcome the Ray Shield and escape the cell, with ISB Agent Nolan in tow. You overcome the droid guards and make your way to the mines exit where you are assaulted by two load lifter droids. With some concentrated firepower and a vibro-ax wielded by a grumpy wookie you overcome the droids and make your way out of the crystal mines into the mine works proper. What you walk into could only be described as chaos….


dave_blenkley dave_blenkley

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