The Empire's Might

Pastage Droid Rebellion Part 2

As you emerge from the ice mines of Mygeeto, the shattered remains of Load Lifters behind you and Agent Nolan of the ISB in tow, the scene before you looks like the Mygeeto of 20 years earlier, except instead of Clones and Battle Droids you emerge into a firefight between several squads of stormtoopers and a rag tag battalion of droids. Amongst them, stood as believing he is invincible is Toor, screaming about droid rights and Death to the Sentient.
Whilst you are all members of the rebellion, most of you aren’t hardened soldiers, the last time you took part in a large battle you were in a well defended position and prepared. The sight of open warfare so close threatens to overwhelm you, the sight too much to bear for Spike, giving Agent Nolan her chance, she takes Spikes Lightsaber and runs for the Imperial Lines, calling the attention of several nearby Stormtroopers. Worse still, you recognise the distinctive blue markings of one of the Stormtroopers not too far away…

As the battle rages around you, blaster fire ricocheting nearby and explosions either side as the droid rebellion and stormtrooper battalions clash, Spike is able to use the force to reclaim her lightsaber from a startled Agent Nolan, however igniting the weapon draws the attention of ISB agent Herin Muro. As he makes his way towards the rebel cell you re able to fend off several attacks from both stormtroopers and droids while Nolan is able to subdue his daughter. As you fend off waves of troops Muro joins the fray, causing grievous wounds to Yl-Merulnanar (Nar). Realising you’ve all been caught up in a fruitless battle you call in an evac from Caileta Truong, who arrives just in time to aid your escape. As the Dauntless escapes the melee you catch a brief glimpse of Toor, leading his rebellion from the front, a thrown grenade arcing through the air towards him before the hull of the ship blocks your view.

Caileta informs you all that while you’ve been indisposed you’ve recieved a mysterious message from an anonymous source, with map co-ordinates indicating a point near the Imperial Palace in Pastage and a time stamp one standard day away…


dave_blenkley dave_blenkley

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