Female Togruta, Jedi Soresu defender

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
4 2 2 3 2 2
Soak Value W. Threshold S. Threshold M/R Defence
5 16 13 0/0
Career: Guardian
Specialisation(s): Soresu Defender
Force Rating: 1
General Skills: Combat Skills:
Athletics 1 Brawl
Cool 2 Gunnery 1
Discipline 1 Lightsaber 4
Knowledge (Lore) Melee
Mechanics 1
Medicine 1
Perception 1
Piloting – Planetary 21
Resilience 1
Streetwise 1
Vigilance 2
-Defensive Stance (Once per round may perform Defensive Stance maneuver and suffer a number of strain to upgrade difficulty of all incoming melee attacks by an equal number for the next round. Strain suffered this way cannot exceed ranks in Defensive Stance.)
-Grit (+1% Strain Threshold)
-Toughened (+2 Wound Threshold)
-Parry 2 (When hit by a melee attack, suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by 2 plus ranks in Parry)
-Pack Instincts (When performing the assist maneuver, Togrutas grant two Boost dice instead of one)
Force Powers: Move Basic Power
-Mephite Crystal Lightsaber (Lightsaber; Damage 9; Critical 2; Range [Engaged]; Breach 1; Sunder, Superior)
-Blaster Rifle (Ranged [Heavy]; Damage 9; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Stun setting)
-4x Stimpack
-Adverse Weather Gear (+1 Soak)
Total Earned XP: 85

Katarn “Spike” Ulana , a Togruta female, was Jedi Knight Siadem Forte’s second Jedi apprentice during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. In 19 BBY, the Republic’s Supreme Chancellor issued contingency Order 66, which branded the Jedi as enemies of the Republic. When her clone troopers turned their blasters on the Jedi, Spike and Forte fought and killed their troops before issuing a distress call from Dellalt. Forte led the fugitive Jedi in hijacking an SX troop shuttle from the newly formed Galactic Empire, making their way off-world. While they were pursued by a group of ARC-170s and a light cruiser, losing four of their company, Spike and the others escaped pursuit and were given sanctuary by the crew of the Drunk Dancer.

In the company of smuggler Jula Shryne, the group was eventually joined by Master Roan Shryne and Padawan Olee Starstone. Given knew hope by Starstone’s enthusiasm and determination, Spike and her companions agreed to search for Grand Master Yoda on Kashyyyk.

Once there, Kashyyyk came under invasion by the Empire for housing Jedi. Led by Darth Vader, the Empire searched for the Jedi fugitives, eventually confronting them. Padawan Spike remained on watch at the landing pad in Kachirho, while her master and the others went into the city to discuss strategy with the Wookie chieftains. While her master died in a confrontation with Vader, Spike dutifully waited for their companions before they took off and fled into space.

Spike, one of the few younglings who survived Order 66, went into exile on Felucia where she continued more of her training under the guidance of Shaak Ti.

Recently she has sought a future with the Alliance, to bring about an end to the evil Galactic Empire and restore peace to the Galaxy.


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