The Empire's Might

Holonet Dispatch
Rebel Strikes across Mygeeto


Attention all loyal Imperial Citizens. There has been an outrageous series of terrorist attacks across Mygeeto, targeting innocent civilians and Imperial work forces the world over. Many vital facilities were damaged or destroyed during these attacks, as well as collateral damage to surrounding areas. Some rebel terrorist plots were thwarted before they could be enacted, and the terrorists have been removed from law abiding society for questioning and re-education. If any citizen of the Empire has any information about the terrorist organisation attempting to legitimise itself as an Alliance, contact your nearest COMPNOR agent. The Empire is offering a bounty of 10,000 credits if your information leads to a successful arrest.

Commission for the Preservation of the New Order


With the opening of the Hutt’s smuggling hyperspace route, the alliance has been able to smuggle in some more equipment and personnel to Mygeeto. The alliance are stepping up operations and intend to hit the Imperials hard and fast with a co-ordinated strike against military targets across the system, with the aim of disrupting the Imperial War Machine. Other cells across the planet have been inserted and given targets. For the rebel cell operating from Whisper Base, the target is the AT-ST factory in Pastage. The disruption of the durasteel mine has led to a drop in production and now is the perfect time to strike. The rebels observed the factory and after getting information from some of their local contacts decided to ambush the air speeder transporting raw material to the factory and smuggle themselves in. Twitch infiltrated the base and scheduled a delivery to coincide with the ambush, and remotely accessed the fire systems to create a diversion for his allies to escape.

Nolan, Gaav, Spike and Tedlinka were lying in wait as Nar created a distraction for the delivery speeder. Spike and Tedlinka dispatched the delivery drivers and tied them up in a side alley. Unbeknownst to them and the rest of the Alliance Nolan executed the two drivers so that they could not let on. If the alliance were to find out about his actions it may affect his future with the cause. Nolan and Gaav drove the truck whilst Spike, Tedlinka and Nar hid in the back. While this was going on Zoidberg was getting into a position to provide a distraction to help the infiltrating party escape.

Once the infiltrating party had talked their way into the factory Twitch remotely set off a fire alarm, causing all personnel to leave the building, leaving Spike, Tedlinka and Nar free to plant the explosive charges provided to destroy the factory. As they went about their sabotage, an imperial trap was sprung. In the production office situated above the factory floor, ISB Agent Muro announced his presence and a group of stormtroopers stormed the building from the South, straight through cover fire from Zoidberg. Twitch used his remote link to lock the agent in the offices while Spike, Tedlinka and Nar made a fighting retreat. Nolan and Gaav blended in with the mine employees to escape without causing any further disturbance.

As the factory was cleared by the rebels, Twitch detonated the charges, destroying the factory, however vid log images show the ISB agent escaping the factory before it exploded. It is unknown how he knew there was going to be an attack on the factory. Either he saw a pattern in recent strikes in Imperial space or there is a mole in the Alliance.

Urgent Dispatch
ISB Agent Reported

Urgent Dispatch from Operative Leth:

The following missive has been intercepted by the SIGINT array, addressed to Kiera Spero:

You are to prepare for the arrival of Agent Muro, a representative from the ISB. Imperial Centre is concerned with the increased disturbances in the area and are dispatching a team to contain the insurgency. All requests of aid, including military and otherwise, will be honored. It is expected that the disturbances cease immediately and the Imperial War Effort is placed back on schedule. It is also noted that there has not been an agreeable explanation to the disappearance of Yrias Rex. Agent Muro and his team will be investigating.

Imperial Centre

Caution to all Rebel operatives on Mygeeto, the ISB agent Herin Muro has been spotted entering the system and is believed to have made his way to the surface of Mygeeto. Not much is known about this agent except that he commands his own cadre of Imperial Stormtroopers, as well as other more specialised, personnel. He is a noble from Coruscant who worked his way through the ranks of the Stormtrooper Corps. He is a highly militarised agent, often using force rather than other means. The alliance has already encountered this individual at great cost. Elimination of Herin Muro is a high priority!

Operative Leth

A Deal with a Hutt

After defending Whisper Base the rebels were able to work with Gaav Fennro and the local Lurmen to establish that the damage to the base was much more extensive than first thought. The rebels would need heavier equipment than Caileta Truong could smuggle in if they are to get the base operational again, however the Imperials have a small blockade around Mygeeto, and interdictors on some of the more well known back lane hyperspace routes, ensuring they know exactly who is on in the system at any given time.

The rebel high command were able to negotiate with a lesser Hutt Crimelord, Bargos the Hutt for the co-ordinates of a back lane hyperspace route, known only to the hutts and used for smuggling. In return for access to the hyperspace route the rebels were to investigate a new acquisition of Bargos’, an Oridium mine on Gavos and return with the first years profits of 100,000 credits. As the deal with Bargos was concluded some disgruntled Gamorrean guards decided to break out of the Hutts service and make their names known as Mercenaries, by assaulting the Gamorreans still loyal to Bargos. Zoidberg had the presence of mind to realise what was going on and knew this was more of an honour thing than any actual violence and the Gamorreans would keep it amongst themselves. It appears that not all is well in Bargos’ court.

After arriving at the mine, the rebels discovered a series of empty rooms, occasionally coming across the corpses of some unfortunate sentient victim, a Trandoshan shot in the chest, four humans shot as they sat in the canteen, a human stabbed on landing pad B and a sullustan shot in the unarmed freighter on landing pad B. Lastly a human was found floating in the oil bath in the workshop before the mine entrance. Shortly after the rebels arrived a warning klaxon sounds informing the mine that Storm Barrier Generator 4 (one of the barriers that keeps the violent weather of Gavos at bay) has broken down. Spike also discovered a Mephite crystal for her lightsaber, amongst the tools and spare parts scattered around the workshop. Presumably the crystal was a natural gem discovered as part of the miners excavations.

A group of droids was found standing around in the mine entrance, when greeted a supervisor droid EV-8D3 introduced himself and informed the rebels that the mine was attacked by a group of pirates, and that some of the miners working on the mine might have survived. As this is going on klaxons sound warning that Storm Barrier Generators 5, 6 and 7 were broken down. If one more were to fail the mine complex would be destroyed by the violent atmosphere of the planet. The rebels split up, with Tedlinka and Spike rescuing the miners and Yl-Merulnanar (Nar), Zoidberg, Simon and Nolan fending off the pilot of the Cloud Car airspeeder that was destroying the Barrier Generators.

Tedlinka and Spike discovered from the miners that the droids had gone beserk, killing the miners not on shift. EV-8D3 is the leader of a New Droids Rights Movement group, a group of droids who attempt to “liberate” droids from their “forced servitude” and give them legal protection under the Rights of Sentience clause of the Galactic Constitution. They oppose ownership of droids and anybody advocating anti-droid propaganda, instead advocating that their sentience programming and personality matrices gave them said protection. After returning to the surface, both Tedlinka and Spike were attacked by some of the droids as EV-8D3 made his escape. He intended to use the unarmed shuttle that had been commandeered by Nolan and Nar, however upon their return EV-8D3 was waiting for them with a Binary Load lifter in tow. He was able to negotiate his escape with Nolan, and shortly after Tedlinka and Spike mopped up the remaining droid revolutionaries. Spike used her upgraded lightsaber to open the safe for the mine and after some aggressive negotiation with the miners involving credits for their wages and replacement of droids and the airspeeder, the rebels returned to Bargos with the 100,000 credits he asked for and secured the hyperspace route for the rebel alliance. However the state the mine was left in, that may be the only payment Bargos gets from it.

Yrias Strikes Back

After successfully convincing the two astromech droids that occupy whisper base to aid the rebellion (by clever use of removing restraining bolts and showing trust) you were shown co-ordinates of a wreckage out in the tundra. The wreckage turned out to be an old LAAT/i, republic era gunship, expertly recognised by Simon. Unfortunately the ship was home to a Wampa. Luckily for the group, the force was strong with Simon the Ewok, and after being knocked from the speeder, Simon drew and launched a Bolas in one swift movement, ensnaring the Wampa so thoroughly that escape was unlikely. With that Jacob and Simon went to inspect the LAAT. Unconvinced that the Wampa was no longer an issue, Tedlinka and Spike took it upon themselves to put the poor creature out of it’s misery. Simon and Jacob soon got the LAAT airborne and after a shaky start flew it back to whisper base, while on the way ambushing a band of scouts that had been sent to spy on the condition of the base. Shortly after returning to base Gaav informed the rebels of one of Yrias’ spys entering the system, which would be a good opportunity to gather some information on the previous owner of Whisper Base. After some skillful piloting and a daring boarding action the rebels captured the spy and learned that Yrias has not divulged the loss of his secret base and he will be leading an attack personally.

After receiving a mysterious message from an unknown source, simply directed at the current occupiers of Whisper Base, the rebels were alerted to the impending attack of Yrias Rex’s forces. The attack force consisted of 30 troopers, 3 officers, 2 bounty hunters and Yrias Rex’x personal modified AT-AT, modified for command and Anti-air. The rebels planted a thermal detonator on the cliff face leading up to the hangar bay of whisper base, taking out a third of the administrators forces, while Tedlinka with her vibro-ax and Spike with her training saber defended the garage entrance. Simon and Jacob soon cleared the hangar and joined the fray in the LAAT/i, helping finish off the remaining imperial troops, forcing Yrias Rex into the fight. The LAAT led the charge while Tedlinka and Spike charged the AT-AT on speeders. After being crippled by several concussion missiles from the LAAT and a thermal detonator from the wookie, the AT-AT crashed down on it’s knees and a stunned Yrias Rex emerged from the top hatch, smoke and flames billowing behind him, only to see a jedi leap from her speeder through the air, draw her lightsaber and end his life before he could do anymore damage.

The rebels have secured Whisper base for themselves, with the only people knowing of it’s existence dead or the rebels themselves, with the exception of the mysterious informant who sent the message of the impending attack.

Holding Whisper Base

Having successfully captured Whisper base, the rebel cells resident tech expert, simon the ewok, discovered a local village that has been pestered by the Imperials in the past. The village, Darrastead is a small settlement of native Lurmen. After explaining how they were able to liberate the base and offering aid, the Lurmen elder Deil Kadru agreed to lend assistance in operating the base. Shortly after returning to the base the group recieved a coded message explaining that the rebellion are sending a communications officer to run the signal intelligence array. Unbeknownst to the party, the communications officer Gaav Fennro, under cover as a merchant smuggling goods in, was accosted by Imperial Customs for stock irregularities. The rebels infiltrated the customs office and after a short firefight freed the rebel operative, escaping through the base window and back to Whisper base.

Whisper Base

After their activities in Pastage, security patrols have been increased prompting the rebels to look for a new base. In the information twitch was able to steal from the durasteel mine computers it appears that Yrias Rex had a secret listening post in the tundra, apparently to spy on Kiera Spero. It is also probably the location where his illegal slave workers are brought in.

After cutting the communications line and successfully infiltrating the base the rebels freed the resident maintenance droid, a re-commissioned BX series Commando Droid, who pointed them in the direction of the escape shuttle. With Jacob and Zoidberg heading to the shuttle to cut off any escaping Imperials, Simon, Tedlinka and the Jedi set out to explore the base and rout out any troops. After a few hectic shot outs and close quarter combats an imperial officer was able to escape the base in an AT-ST, headed for the nearby communications array. Jacob and Zoidberg took off in the battered Lambda shuttle and gave chase, followed shortly after by Simon and Tedlinka in the second AT-ST. A quick chase later and the AT-ST piloted by the Imperial Officer was brought down in the centre of the ice field. Whisper base is in the hands of the alliance, for now…

Pastage Rebel Cell
Supplies for the Rebellion

After successfully smuggling themselves onto Mygeeto, despite a 7 foot Wookie falling out of a smuggling compartment onto an Imperial Naval Inspection team (which took a quick thinking droid to explain away) our intrepid rebel cell ambushed an imperial convoy North of the Pastage settlement. They were able to find the perfect hiding place and set up a wire for the speeder pilots, who were quickly taken out by the well prepared team. A quick search of one of the crates and the team were equipped with e-11 blasters, while the rest of the supplies were handed over to the rebellion via their smuggler ally Caileta Truong.

After successfully completing their first mission, the rebel group were then tasked with recruiting informants. They were told of Latia Polo, a sullustan who traveled to Mygeeto to find his brother, Pun Polo after he was captured, taken hostage and sold into slavery by the Black Sun operatives in the area. Imperial Governor Kiera Spero does not condone slavery in his settlement, but the administrator of the durasteel mine had a deal with the Black Sun that filled his mine with slave workers, allowing him to maximise profits for himself. If the Governor was ever to find out about this, the mine administrator would be executed for violating direct orders from a superior officer. The rebel cell was able to discover a communique incriminating the administrator. They blackmailed him into handing over Pun Polo, gaining an ally in Latia, and still have information on the administrator that would destroy his career. The rebels also helped themselves to his vault of 20,000 credits which he has not discovered yet. The rebel cell has the mine administrator in their pocket for now.


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