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Imperial Sanctioned Bounties from the Imperial Enforcement DataCore

Target Reason Reward Listee
Jacob Nolan Imperial Army deserter 5,000 The Empire
Leia Organa Traitor 10,000,000 dead The Empire
Luke Skywalker Traitor 10,000,000 The Empire
Members of the Rebel Alliance Traitors and Terrorists 2,000 The Empire
Jedi, with proof Traitors and Terrorists 15,000 The Empire
Members of the Black Sun Crime Syndicate Pirates and Smugglers 2,000 The Empire
Members of the Zann Consortium Crime Syndicate Pirates and Smugglers 2,000 The Empire
Members of the Pyke Syndicate Crime Syndicate Spice dealers and smugglers 2,000 The Empire
Target Reason Reward Listee
$$$$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$ $ $$$$$ $$ $$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$$$$

Note that only individuals carrying an Imperial Peace Keeping Certificate can be hired legally, and only those with a Bounty Hunting License can access private bounties. Submission of a B23-1-14 permit is required to be submitted for the full amount to be rewarded.

Hutt Space Bounties

Target Reason Reward Listee
Twitch Stole information from Karova the Hutt and sold it to a rival 10,000 Karova the Hutt
Han Solo Dumped a shipment of Spice 224,190 Jabba Desilijic Tiure
Chewbacca Partner of Han Solo 50,000 Jabba Desilijic Tiure

There are no restrictions on who can attempt a criminal bounty, however a bounty hunting license is normally an accepted proof of capability, and un-guilded hunters are often paid short of the advertised reward.

Bounty Page

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