The Empire's Might

Whisper Base

After their activities in Pastage, security patrols have been increased prompting the rebels to look for a new base. In the information twitch was able to steal from the durasteel mine computers it appears that Yrias Rex had a secret listening post in the tundra, apparently to spy on Kiera Spero. It is also probably the location where his illegal slave workers are brought in.

After cutting the communications line and successfully infiltrating the base the rebels freed the resident maintenance droid, a re-commissioned BX series Commando Droid, who pointed them in the direction of the escape shuttle. With Jacob and Zoidberg heading to the shuttle to cut off any escaping Imperials, Simon, Tedlinka and the Jedi set out to explore the base and rout out any troops. After a few hectic shot outs and close quarter combats an imperial officer was able to escape the base in an AT-ST, headed for the nearby communications array. Jacob and Zoidberg took off in the battered Lambda shuttle and gave chase, followed shortly after by Simon and Tedlinka in the second AT-ST. A quick chase later and the AT-ST piloted by the Imperial Officer was brought down in the centre of the ice field. Whisper base is in the hands of the alliance, for now…


dave_blenkley dave_blenkley

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