Caileta Truong

Twi'lek Female, Rebel Smuggler


A blue skinned Tw’lek, she was proficient at talking her way out of trouble, but if that didn’t work there was always a blaster or two at her side.

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 3 2 3 2 3
Soak Value W. Threshold M/R Defence
2 12 0/0
Skills: Charm 2, Cool 1, Ranged (Light) 2, Piloting (Space) 3, Skullduggery 2, Streetwise 2, Vigilance 1.
Talents: Adversary 1 (upgrade difficulty of all combat checks against this target once), Skilled Jockey 2 (remove setback per rank from all Piloting checks).
Abilities: None.
Equipment: Blaster Pistol (Ranged [Light]; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Stun setting), Comlink.

A smuggler hired by the fledgling rebellion to aid in operations on Mygeeto. She pilots the YT-2400 “Dauntless”, modified with various smuggling compartments. Originally rejected Zoidbergs advances, however has since fallen for the Mon Calamari’s charms.

Escaping in the Dauntless off of Mygeeto, laden with supplies and equipment from the rebel cells Whisper Base. She was able to evade the fledgling blockade before falling into an imperial trap on route to Hoth. Answering a fake distress call, she and the rest of the ship were taken captive by an Imperial Light Cruiser that was part of an expedition fleet. Taken prisoner by a mysterious agent of the Empire, calling herself the Eleventh Sister, Caileta and the rest of the rebels aboard the dauntless were infected with a deadly virus that was a product of Sith Alchemy. The virus killed the hosts and took over the body, turning the host into mindless cannabilistic animals. Caileta and the rest of the rebels were given a merciful end by the rebel cell, who answered a distress call made by the only survivor from Whisper Base who had hidden himself in one of the Dauntless’ smuggling hatches.

Caileta Truong

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