Gaav Fennro

Human Male, Communications Officer

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 2 3 3 3 2
Soak Value W. Threshold M/R Defence
3 12 0/0
Skills: Charm 1, Computers 2, Deception 1, Ranged (Light) 1.
Talents: None
Abilities: SigInt Expert (gain a Boost on checks for any task relating to managing, using or maintaining a signal intellignece array).
Equipment: Holdout blaster (Ranged [Light]; Damage 5; Critical 4; Range [Short]; Stun setting), heavy clothing (+1 soak), smuggled base supplies.

Gaav Fennro’s proficiency as an intelligence officer for the rebellion is due to his nondescript looks much as his mastery of data. He has a very plain appearance and a mild manner, which he usually enhances by dressing in a simple spacers jacket or in the local custom if he has had time for research. Although typically soft-spoken, he can orate quite passionately and eloquently about the rebellion to those he trusts with his affiliation.

Last seen aboard the Dauntless esacping Mygeeto with supplies and equipment before the Imprerial Blockade arrived.

Gaav Fennro

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