Human Drifter


Jacob Thomas Nolan, known my most as ‘Nolan

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Height: 1.8m
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown

Wanted by the Galactic Empire, Nolan isn’t too quick to speak up about his past to anyone.

Nevertheless he appears to be a driven man, and seems willing and content to aid the rebellion. However his non-committal attitude, at times, leaves you finding it hard to believe that he could be a true patriot of the Rebellion..

Dressed in well worn and practical clothes, which have perhaps seen better days, and carrying a blaster pistol at his hip – it’s clear this man is used to looking out for himself, and hasn’t led a life shy of a little violence.

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
3 3 2 2 3 3
Soak Value W. Threshold S. Threshold M/R Defence
4 15 13 0/0
-Athletics 1
-Brawl 2
-Charm 2
-Coercion 1
-Cool 2
-Deception 1
-Discipline 1
-Knowledge (Core Worlds) 1
-Leadership 2
-Melee 1
-Negotiation 2
-Perception 1
-Piloting (Planetary) 1
-Ranged (Light) 2
-Ranged (Heavy) 1
-Streetwise 1
-Vigilance 1
- Point Black2 (+1 Damage with ranged attacks at short range/engaged.)
- Quick Draw (Draw or holster weapon/item as an incidental.)
- Strong Arm (Range of thrown weapons increased by 1.)
- Natural Marksman (Once per session, re-roll any “ranged light” or “ranged heavy” check.)
- Black Market Contacts1 (Reduce rarity by 1 per rank, increasing value by 50 percent.)
- Lethal Blows1 (+10 per rank to any crit result.)
- True Aim1 (Once per round, gain benefits of aiming and upgrade combat check, once per rank.)
- Side Step1 (May perform a manoeuvre, suffering strain equal to ranks, to upgrade difficulty of incoming ranged attacks.)
- Confidence1 (Decrease difficulty of discipline checks to avoid fear, by 1 per rank.)
- Toughened (Gain +2 wound threshold.)
Equipment: Superior Heavy Blaster Pistol (Ranged [Light]; Damage 8; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Stun setting), Adverse Weather Gear, Heavy clothing, Commlink, Macro binoculars, Utility belt, Datapad, 2x Stimpacks, 2x pistol magazines. .

Nolan was an Imperial Soldier for quite some years, after having enlisted as a young man not long after the formation of the Galactic Empire, at the conclusion of the Clone Wars. His career record was average to good, with only a handful noteworthy actions spread throughout.

After a dozen or so years of committed service, and having witnessed (and been involved in) some rather questionable moral actions on behalf of the Galactic Empire – Nolan reached his breaking point, deciding that he would attempt to leave the Imperial Army.

However having a teenage daughter, Emily, in the Imperial Academy, made escape without incident very difficult. Nolan and Emily were both caught; she was returned to her schooling, and he was taken into custody as a shirker and a traitor, to be executed. A little luck remained for Nolan, and an old friend managed to give him the opportunity to escape custody. He takes the chance, but hotly pursued, he is unable to return to free his Daughter… A wanted man, he is forced to flee the Core Systems.

For four long years Jacob attempts to locate his Daughter, and rescue her – always unsuccessfully.. until eventually, he is out of favours, and out of credits.

Perhaps the Rebel Alliance could grant him the means to find Emily, even unwittingly? And so in desperation, Nolan removes himself from the side-lines of this Civil war that he wishes no part in, to take up arms against an entity he spent his life defending.

Of course, this is a story that is not shared by Jacob readily – and for the moment he is content to be considered just another criminal on the run.

++ Unbeknownst to the rest of his companions, after capturing Whisper Base, he persuaded Gaav Fennro to search any Imperial files that they had uncovered for mention of an Emily Nolan.

++ After the successful destruction of the AT-ST factory in Pastage, which was nearly foiled by the intervention of the ISB, Nolan believes it likely that there could be a mole somewhere in the cell.

++ Upon leaving the Pastage mines in the midst of the Droid Rebellion, after a chance (and not quite how he had envisoned) reunion, Nolan was forced to subdue his daughter, as she tried to get back to her Commander Herin Muro. He dragged her aboard the groups escaping ship – however she was taken into custody on return to Whisper Base. Wanting to give her some time to cool down, Nolan left with his team, to a rendezvous – planning to have a proper talk with Emily upon his return.

However, this plan is sent into chaos when the rebels are forced to flee Mygeeto, and the teams ship becomes badly damaged and separated from the rest of the fleet. Now he is desperate to reach Hoth, where he believes his daughter must have been taken… although in the meantime, the cruel twist of fate that seems to have snatched away his long awaited, but fleeting (and fair to say, disastrous), family reunion.. may have pushed Nolan into despair.. and certainly into long hours at the bars of The Wheel station..


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