The Empire's Might

Mid Rim Infiltration

After making your way from the Blackwing to the Hoth System, you we’re informed of several Mid Rim systems that have been in contact with the rebellion by General Jan Dodona. Each of these systems were in talks offering aid or supplies covertly to the fledgling rebellion, however one by one they have all gone silent, with ISB propaganda holo-vids released shortly after, presented by Emily Nolan. The first of these systems you have been asked to investigate is Rrulinn. A world ravaged by a genocidal campaign, in the process of being rebuilt.
As you make your way there you are ambushed by a small Black Sun fleet. You fend off a squadron of Z-95’s while taking some damage before an Imperial Victory Class Star Destroyer turns up, narrowly missing your ship as it emerges from Hyperspace, opening fire on the Black Sun pirates, destroying a Gozanti Cruiser. As it offers assistance you flee to Rrulinn, where you land and make arrangements for repairs of your ship and transport to the settlement described by Jan Dodona.
The settlement is a farming and scavenging settlement who were offering supplies to the rebellion, but we’re silenced by the Empire and made an example of. Nothing now remains except a burnt husk of a town. As you explore the settlement an Imperial patrol arrives to investigate the disturbance, landing a squad of stormtroopers, which you fail to sneak past. Launching an attack you overwhelm the troopers just as a Dark Trooper lands, critically wounding some of the party before you can take it down. The dark trooper is a new threat and unheard of in the rebellion, however in taking it down you were able to learn that it is more droid than sentient, but after the disruptor blast that finished it off there was not much more you could learn. Nolan slew the imperial patrol craft pilot and destroyed the ship, leaving no witnesses to the small firefight, allowing the rebel cell to escape back to the spaceport undetected, but needing to lay low while their craft is repaired…


dave_blenkley dave_blenkley

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